Little dude is worn out at the park.



Free writing afternoon

I am realizing that I suck at writing. My tangential thoughts confuse even me at times. I am better than this. I actually wanted to be a journalist.

I have obviously chosen a different path. I love being a medic. I enjoy the job but other than my recently acquired hobby, I don’t have hobbies.

I work out pretty much everyday. I am trying to eat better. I feel like I’m getting in better shape.

So I plan to write better and more frequent blogs. I do not expect anything . I’m pretty boring, so a large following would be crazy.

Wow once again a failed blog

I am back, and as a little stress relief I am going to attempt to start blogging again.

I have moved to Las Vegas.  I am still working as a full time paramedic.  I have quit smoking, I have essentially quit drinking, I have lost some weight, and I am in better shape than I have been in awhile.

Life is hectic as you’d expect.  My wonderful wife is out of town this week, so I am hanging with the kiddos and knocking out some spring cleaning.  Ok, I am actually just enjoying the time off from work.  

I have settled in to work in Vegas as a full time medic.  I know the posts, I know the hospitals, and I know the major roads.  It is actually pretty cool.  I’ve started over, no bosses hate me.  I have made a decent rep for myself and people are actually wanting to work with me.  I do not regret my years in Colorado.  They were awesome. 

The protocols here are way more restrictive.  If I am going to get in trouble (I already have) it is going to be from stepping outside the box.  In Colorado we could do so much more and we had so much more.  

I look forward to trying again at this bloggin thing.  I go back to work in just a few days, so maybe more to come.


Quick update

It has been many weeks and a multitude of things have occurred.  It appears that I may be leaving for Las Vegas slightly sooner than I last mentioned.  It could happen as quickly as 13 days.  So as of this very moment, nothing is official, so don’t hold you breath as I am not holding mine, but it looks positive.

It seems so possible that we are moving, that we have already made plans and started packing.  I can tell you that we will need a 22 foot or greater truck and that the wife has one reserved.  We have plans for me to head down and start the Southern Nevada Health District Paperwork sometime around the 11th of June.  Yes yet another trip to Vegas.  This one could be interesting.  Depending on a phone call today, I could be starting the job on June 25th.  Which only gives me two weeks exactly to place a two week notice with my current operation.  I have been talking with them and informing them of each new step.  But clarifying everything with it is not official yet.

Pay is the big issue, and this sucks, but I cannot afford to move to Las Vegas and live on a lower salary.  The pay must be damn close, if not more.  At this point, if the offer is close, we are going to take it.  We plan on getting everything moved and living on bare bones, and sleeping on floors if we need too.  It could be interesting, but hoping to find out today what my salary would be, and bam could essentially finalize my decision today.  I am waiting for yet another phone call.

I still have a few questions about the operation and have began writing them down. I am hoping the HR rep can answer them as well today.

I just looked over my notes and realized that I still need to knock out some FEMA classes.  Now the rest of my afternoon is scheduled.  FEMA classes.  Yippee.


Short timer syndrome

I feel like I am turning into that guy.  Yes that guy who knows that I am leaving.  Let me clarify that as of right now I do not have an official job offer from Las Vegas.   That all changes next week.  Next week I will decide my fate.  If they offer, and it is the same or better than what I do here, I am gone.  If they offer, but for some crazy reason they offer lower pay, then I will have to pass and regret that I have wasted two trips to Vegas in a matter of 30 days.  

So this time next week I will be heading for Denver, to fly to Vegas once more.  In 9 days I will be coming home.  Hopefully to pack the remainder of my stuff and have a solid start date in Las Vegas.  If not, I will be searching for a cheaper place to rent here, and settling in for the long haul. 

I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, I am just getting anxious.  I am looking forward to a move.  It could be a great chance to be closer to family, and the possibility of starting fresh with promotion possibilities and not being black listed.  There is not much of a downside other than I will probably get stuck on some crappy dayshift (YES Wifey I hate dayshifts) and it will take awhile to find a shift that I want.  The only other downside is 110 degree days.

On a positive note, I am hoping to be able to purchase some tickets to a huge soccer game at Robertson Stadium involving Real Madrid and Juventus.  Now many of our soccer friends are thinking of going, and it is the day after the RSL COL game in commerce city.  Who knows. 

Anyway I have the strange feeling that I am really beyond repair.  I know I am not getting promoted here,  I am almost salary capped and I just don’t see me doing anything here other than being a field level paramedic.  I am pretty complacent with that, but I don’t want to be complacent.  I want some new challenges.  


Professional Courtesy

My negative attitude about all things today has come to a sudden realization.  Nothing is going to go right today.  We as professionals help out other professionals.  We assist fire departments, they assist us.  We assist Police and they return the favor.  It is called professional courtesy.  Sometimes we get a little extra help.  Sometimes this clouds our judgement.  Sometimes we let it cloud our view and when we can no longer focus we do things we probably shouldn’t.

I understand that this is very vague.  The best I can clarify is that if one of our own is drunk, and acting all a fool, and is injured; we probably shouldn’t just allow them to refuse.  Tack on the fact that tonight, we were trying to be very courteous to a fellow emergency person, and he returned the favor by being a drunken ass and telling us that he was fine 18 times that I heard.  We still let him stay home, he was stable and if we stretch it, he was probably safe to stay at home.

If this were any other person on the street, or random 911 caller they would be either in cuffs or on a cot.  Heading to jail or to the ED.  I feel slightly bad, another EMS professional processed the refusal, and I simply got to sit and watch.  Upon further reflection, I have determined that we gave this guy too much leeway.  He got away with one.  He was an ass to us, he was rude, he was drunk, he was injured, and he freely admitted to drinking his pain away (duh not a good sign).  He needed our help.

Now I am not saying that he didn’t deserve some courtesy, heck, he does, but how far do we go.  When does common sense overtake the desire to keep this guy on our side?  Tough moral dilemma.  I will make different decisions if placed into that same spot again.

Goodnight blog peeps, I am going to try to sleep.

2012 to do list update.

2012 To do list Update

I am worried about my weight.  I have quit smoking for 4.5 months. I put on some pounds. I now need to look ahead and start getting in better shape.  I like the p90x stuff, and the wifey is running frequently so I have no excuse.  Time to get in shape.

Pack 4 boxes yes, quite a lot done actually packed up a bunch of things from the bedroom.  I am glad I have focused.  I am glad we have worked to get rid of things we do not want to keep

Clean Bedroom.  The master bedroom is clean, even under the bed and the closet.  The wifey cleaned the master bathroom.  If we can keep it clean for another month we will be in great shape for when I leave for Vegas.

Buy a battery for bathroom scale.  We skipped this, we bought a good old fashion spring scale, no batteries required.

Go to Target, sheesh I do this all the time, why did it take me this long to find it on the list.

Visit a Pawn Shop.  I am not sure why this is still on the list.  I went to Gold and Silver Pawn Shop while I was in Vegas.

Clean out under bed.  Yup did this on my last days off.

Give an ALS medication.  I have done this as recently as 8 hours ago.


As of today 5-5, I have 230 things left to do this year.

Lost post, oops

I thought I posted this 10 or 11 days ago.  Guess not.  I haven’t really used my computer much in the last few days.

I have done quite a few things in the last twenty days.  I will detail a few of them now as a blog post.  I have 254 things left to do this year.  Assuming I will do them all before Dec 31st and assuming I will do an average of 1 thing per day.  It is 114 days into the new year.  I am pretty close to being on track with the 1 thing per day.  But As you will see I did a bunch the last couple of weeks.

Clean Garage.  Yup quite a bit of time yesterday cleaning and organizing the garage.  Just a little to go and weather dependent Wednesday I will finish.

Pack three boxes.  Yup easily done.  Probably at 4 boxes but if I keep up on the blog, I will be able to see ahead.

Clean out car.  managed to do this the other day as well.  I hope to detail out my car and have it sparkling clean for my ride to Vegas in June

Sell guitar and stuff.  I think I did this. Actually wife had yard and garage sale MOVING SALE whatever.

Sell DVDS yup wife did that too,

Visit a new state.  I visited Nevada, California and Arizona in the last week.  HA, have pictures to prove it too.

Stay overnight in a new state.  I stayed the night in Las Vegas.  I probably can’t afford another vacation this year so I will count this one.

See a Vegas Show.  I saw the Price is Right Live, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, and Cirq de Sol whatever’s “KA” at the MGM.  “KA” disappointed me, didn’t see a single angry bird.  (Sorry very bad joke)  This was all with my best friend.

Play blackjack.  Turned twenty into 60.  Poor mans gambling.

Play slot machine.  At airport on way home I turned $5 into $10.

Get to 3333 tweets.  A lot of footy talk and general griping and I met this goal way earlier in the year than I expected.

Eat Chinese.  Does Panda Express really count.  Orange chicken and fried rice.  There was a fortune cookie.  HAHA

Go to IN n OUT.  Accomplished, and hopefully not for the last time this year.  Double Double NOM NOM NOM

Clean out work mailbox.  Boring nothing new since decemeber of 2011. Wasted time at office today.

See Hoover Dam again.  Went with best friend.  That thing is huge.  Tons and literally tons of cement.  Hot day better to visit in winter I guess.

Buy a drink in Vegas.  Probably did this ten to 12 times in the last week.

Buy and Apple.  Step daughter wanted apples and not bananas for afterschool snacks.  Good step dad listened.

Drink with Josh.  Duh yup wednesday thru friday in Vegas.

This is a crappy post and for that I am sorry.  I shall recount my adventures in Vegas maybe tomorrow after I referee a soccer game and spend most of the day with the lil kiddos.

237 things left on list.

Wow I forgot to post this.  Until now.

Big fat firefighter

I am not the big fat firefighter.  I am the kind of fat paramedic.  I am capable of doing my job.  I can pass a physical fitness test.  I am capable of walking a mile and a half.  I am capable of doing it with 45 pounds on me.  I would never make any excuses.  If I could not pass that simple test, I would not attempt to be in charge of saving someone from a fire.

Ok I am not really sure how to say it, but there is a huge firefighter on a local department.  He is huge.  He’s like 56-60 inches around.  He’s easily 350 pounds and not the linebacker NFL type.  He is absolutely huge.  He can’t get out of a recliner without getting winded.  He is a documented paramedic.  That is the only reason I can see someone hiring him.  This man is skipping a physical fitness test, because he says that he has a foot problem and that only losing weight will help.  YOU have known about this for a year and were told by the chiefs that you’d be fired if you couldn’t pass this test.  You can’t pass it, quit putting your community in danger.  YOUR fat ass cannot save anyone from anything, you get winded getting into and out of the truck.

Thank God I am moving.  Maybe the new fire department that covers my area will have healthy and capable staff.

Not the blog I wanted to break my ten days off from blogging with, but must start somewhere.

Life is much better, another blog another time and I will explain the improvements and update the world of how things are going.


The last few hours

Where to begin.  It is now 4 o’clock.  I have finalized a few things and received a few positive things.  Let’s start with my wasted phone call to Florida this morning.  Turns out they mailed my refund 4-5 days ago.  The wife found it in today’s mail.  So one less piece of stress.

I also heard back from AMR Las Vegas.  Due to some protocol differences, and probably some HR cover your butt type things, (union shop) I am now going to need to make yet another trip to Las Vegas.  Most people would be like ooh yea, how hard is that another trip to Vegas.  Well let me tell you I have shoveled money at getting this move to happen and this is the last that I will shovel at it. If things do not work out, I am sick and tired of dealing with it.  The kids must be settled into schools soon, and the oldest needs to get settled on a high school. I am just tired.  Now I must wait at least 25 more days to finalize Vegas or no.

So a couple of things have been accomplished.

Not much else it was a lazy day thus far at work.  Which is kind of nice.

My next post should be catching up the list.  I am just grateful and had to say to the world that Florida finally made things right.