Today was my first day off in about 5 days.  I also do not like the fact that I only have one full day off.  I normally have at least two, but this week I must attend a refresher PALS class.


It is not that I am afraid or worried about the class at all.  It is just a time consuming mess.  5 hours to relearn stuff that hasn’t really changed in two years.  IT is not like some groundbreaking science happened.


I am tired of constantly feeling like I need to be at work.  I barely see my kids and I am still wasting my day off trying to do online employee compliance training.  So my one day off is interrupted by stupid videos of how to use a fire extinguisher and crap.


You may ask why we cannot do this training while at work?  It is simple, we as field crews are just too busy.  Our call volume is up, our sick call offs are up and our pay hasn’t increased.  I’ve been tryg to do a bunch of overtime, so the wife can afford to go to nursing school.


So I’m tired, I’m exhausted and it just seems like I haven’t had any time to have some fun.  I haven’t really stuck to a workout plan, and I’ve eaten way too much the last seven days.


I am hoping to do much better today.  I know which workout to do, I can control my eating.  There’s already a dinner plan.  I don’t have a bunch of junk food, and I am motivated


Hoping I get a break soon as this is really a drag.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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