Yesterday we were called to the ghetto.  Forty ish year old male, “unconscious”, breathing and reportedly hit his head.  The wonderful “missing teeth” couple was in a block style house, assuming it was government subsidized.  The house was clean the yard was nice.  These people probably even had a fully stocked fridge and their bills paid.

Arrived to find drunk concrete cowboy on floor of his home with his hysterical wife.  She says that he has never done this before, blah blah blah.  No recent illness, no reportedly history other than being grumpy and having high blood pressure.

It takes milliseconds to smell the alcohol.  This dude is seriously drunk.   His wife says he gets very violent when he wakes up.  He cannot answer questions and he barely moves to a firefighter sternal rub.

We do our job, we load him up and off we go.  I had a paramedic partner so he attended.  I drove us to the hospital and we didn’t seem to be having any kind of problems.  This cowboy had stable vitals and a normal blood sugar.

Arriving at the ED, he remained “unresponsive”.  He slept quietly on our gurney.  It was not until we needed to move him to the hospital bed that all hell broke loose.  He went from passed out guy to street fighter in just a blink of eye.

If he would have been left handed, I would have taken a tough one to the jaw.  If I hadn’t had the thought to be nice because he was drunk I probably would have caused him some serious harm.  He of course rips out his IV in the scuffle.  Blood is literally flinging everywhere.  This idiot is still screaming and yelling as everyone grabs a limb and tries to restrain him.

From a distance, the doctor yells to call the Metro Police and to take this guy to jail.  At the mention of jail, this dude chills out, and starts apologizing to people.  He claims he has no idea what just happened and that he was truly out of it.

This idiot was fighting us.  He didn’t get punched kicked, spit at, or physically harmed in any way.  Metro never came because the doctor cancelled them.  I could have been seriously injured.  I am just a paramedic delivering patients to the ED.  I my job training never included hand to hand combat.

I am truly pissed.  I do not make enough money to constantly deal with these idiots.  I truly guess that no amount of money will be enough.  You can say he didn’t actually hit me. If you believe that,  you better unfollow me..  I can’t say that I was afraid of him once the punches started flying, I was actually afraid for him.  I was truly afraid that I was going to be the worse man. I wanted to knock him out.

This useless human drinks all the time, feels entitled to do what ever he wants and gets away with it.  He will not face any charges.  There were no consequences.  Had I laid one hand on him in anyway, I would have been fired. He could have sued me.

This bastard had no true medical problem, he obviously was faking being unresponsive.  I can tell and so can veteran medics.  He had no trauma, he was just a drunk asshat.  He was discharged from the hospital before we finished our report. After the scuffle he became truly awake and aware enough to sign out AMA.  So this drunk idiot gets to go home.  He got away with assaulting EMS.  I can’t even call him out by name, address, or I’d face consequences.

This is not an isolated incident.  This is just one that reminds me how selfish and spoiled this forsaken town is.  When you get away from the strip, it sucks.  The tourists have no clue.  The local drunks are belligerent asses.  Fights and stabbings happen all the time.  I’ve been assaulted more here in 9 months than in the last 9 years in Colorado.

As an added bonus to that day, as we drove home, I received multiple text messages and emails asking people if they could come in and help tomorrow.  Today was my day off.  I am enjoying it safely and soundly in my own home.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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