So I made it into work.  The overtime extra shift was two hours earlier than my usual shift.  This shift was also after 9 days off.  So imagine if you will a medic, exhausted and his face was on fire.  I hadn’t shaved for about 10 days and knocked it all off last night.  So I pretty much looked like I had a hangover this morning.  

The first couple calls were frequent flyers.  This was not a good start to the day.  It was followed up by hearing the other crews run real calls. I was not upset though, I needed the easy day.  

Our third call actually made me think.  Young teenager + trampoline = broken arm.  We arrived to find the kid remaining overly calm and collected.  As a young teenager he was rational.  He kept saying how this would probably sink his family.  He understood that this was at least 700 dollars for the ride, and thousands in care at the ED.   


He had a ful radial/ulnar fracture, no x ray needed.  This kid needed an ortho and quick.  He actually said that he would rather ride with his mom.  This kids understood the concept.

Now this was fine and dandy, I am quite laid back.  I like rational people.  I can splint this arm and help if his mom is close by.  

TOO MANY CHIEFS< no one listens to the indian.   The fire department that arrived with us had other plans.  They are a non transporting agency, but in theory and when they feel the need, they have scene control.  They insisted that he get narcotics, splinted and transported by ambulance.  

So of course I do what is “best for the patient”  We of course load the kid to the gurney, and roll down the road.  The Fire Department had contacted the mother (she was rushing to the scene) and told her flat out that he needed an ambulance.  

I truly am just venting, but this sucked.  This kid wasn’t screaming, he wasn’t bawling, and he was being rational.  Did he really need the ambulance ride?  Did he really care about an expensive ambulance and ED bill?  Short of low dose morphine, all we did was give the kid a ride on the bed.  I believe that he would have been fine without the narcs.  I believe he would have been fine in his mom’s car.  

I am not sure how to sum this up other than:  I feel that this kid would have been fine in mom’s car.  We just racked up a bill for this family.  Yuck.  

Yes I work for a private ambulance that is paid for transporting.  I am not anti fire department.  I am not burned out enough that I don’t want to transport.  

OK long enough ramble.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Thanks for listening.  


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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  1. Dy-Anne! says:

    This was going somewhere good and then you just let it die 😦

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