It has been many weeks and a multitude of things have occurred.  It appears that I may be leaving for Las Vegas slightly sooner than I last mentioned.  It could happen as quickly as 13 days.  So as of this very moment, nothing is official, so don’t hold you breath as I am not holding mine, but it looks positive.

It seems so possible that we are moving, that we have already made plans and started packing.  I can tell you that we will need a 22 foot or greater truck and that the wife has one reserved.  We have plans for me to head down and start the Southern Nevada Health District Paperwork sometime around the 11th of June.  Yes yet another trip to Vegas.  This one could be interesting.  Depending on a phone call today, I could be starting the job on June 25th.  Which only gives me two weeks exactly to place a two week notice with my current operation.  I have been talking with them and informing them of each new step.  But clarifying everything with it is not official yet.

Pay is the big issue, and this sucks, but I cannot afford to move to Las Vegas and live on a lower salary.  The pay must be damn close, if not more.  At this point, if the offer is close, we are going to take it.  We plan on getting everything moved and living on bare bones, and sleeping on floors if we need too.  It could be interesting, but hoping to find out today what my salary would be, and bam could essentially finalize my decision today.  I am waiting for yet another phone call.

I still have a few questions about the operation and have began writing them down. I am hoping the HR rep can answer them as well today.

I just looked over my notes and realized that I still need to knock out some FEMA classes.  Now the rest of my afternoon is scheduled.  FEMA classes.  Yippee.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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