My negative attitude about all things today has come to a sudden realization.  Nothing is going to go right today.  We as professionals help out other professionals.  We assist fire departments, they assist us.  We assist Police and they return the favor.  It is called professional courtesy.  Sometimes we get a little extra help.  Sometimes this clouds our judgement.  Sometimes we let it cloud our view and when we can no longer focus we do things we probably shouldn’t.

I understand that this is very vague.  The best I can clarify is that if one of our own is drunk, and acting all a fool, and is injured; we probably shouldn’t just allow them to refuse.  Tack on the fact that tonight, we were trying to be very courteous to a fellow emergency person, and he returned the favor by being a drunken ass and telling us that he was fine 18 times that I heard.  We still let him stay home, he was stable and if we stretch it, he was probably safe to stay at home.

If this were any other person on the street, or random 911 caller they would be either in cuffs or on a cot.  Heading to jail or to the ED.  I feel slightly bad, another EMS professional processed the refusal, and I simply got to sit and watch.  Upon further reflection, I have determined that we gave this guy too much leeway.  He got away with one.  He was an ass to us, he was rude, he was drunk, he was injured, and he freely admitted to drinking his pain away (duh not a good sign).  He needed our help.

Now I am not saying that he didn’t deserve some courtesy, heck, he does, but how far do we go.  When does common sense overtake the desire to keep this guy on our side?  Tough moral dilemma.  I will make different decisions if placed into that same spot again.

Goodnight blog peeps, I am going to try to sleep.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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