I thought I posted this 10 or 11 days ago.  Guess not.  I haven’t really used my computer much in the last few days.

I have done quite a few things in the last twenty days.  I will detail a few of them now as a blog post.  I have 254 things left to do this year.  Assuming I will do them all before Dec 31st and assuming I will do an average of 1 thing per day.  It is 114 days into the new year.  I am pretty close to being on track with the 1 thing per day.  But As you will see I did a bunch the last couple of weeks.

Clean Garage.  Yup quite a bit of time yesterday cleaning and organizing the garage.  Just a little to go and weather dependent Wednesday I will finish.

Pack three boxes.  Yup easily done.  Probably at 4 boxes but if I keep up on the blog, I will be able to see ahead.

Clean out car.  managed to do this the other day as well.  I hope to detail out my car and have it sparkling clean for my ride to Vegas in June

Sell guitar and stuff.  I think I did this. Actually wife had yard and garage sale MOVING SALE whatever.

Sell DVDS yup wife did that too,

Visit a new state.  I visited Nevada, California and Arizona in the last week.  HA, have pictures to prove it too.

Stay overnight in a new state.  I stayed the night in Las Vegas.  I probably can’t afford another vacation this year so I will count this one.

See a Vegas Show.  I saw the Price is Right Live, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, and Cirq de Sol whatever’s “KA” at the MGM.  “KA” disappointed me, didn’t see a single angry bird.  (Sorry very bad joke)  This was all with my best friend.

Play blackjack.  Turned twenty into 60.  Poor mans gambling.

Play slot machine.  At airport on way home I turned $5 into $10.

Get to 3333 tweets.  A lot of footy talk and general griping and I met this goal way earlier in the year than I expected.

Eat Chinese.  Does Panda Express really count.  Orange chicken and fried rice.  There was a fortune cookie.  HAHA

Go to IN n OUT.  Accomplished, and hopefully not for the last time this year.  Double Double NOM NOM NOM

Clean out work mailbox.  Boring nothing new since decemeber of 2011. Wasted time at office today.

See Hoover Dam again.  Went with best friend.  That thing is huge.  Tons and literally tons of cement.  Hot day better to visit in winter I guess.

Buy a drink in Vegas.  Probably did this ten to 12 times in the last week.

Buy and Apple.  Step daughter wanted apples and not bananas for afterschool snacks.  Good step dad listened.

Drink with Josh.  Duh yup wednesday thru friday in Vegas.

This is a crappy post and for that I am sorry.  I shall recount my adventures in Vegas maybe tomorrow after I referee a soccer game and spend most of the day with the lil kiddos.

237 things left on list.

Wow I forgot to post this.  Until now.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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