I am not the big fat firefighter.  I am the kind of fat paramedic.  I am capable of doing my job.  I can pass a physical fitness test.  I am capable of walking a mile and a half.  I am capable of doing it with 45 pounds on me.  I would never make any excuses.  If I could not pass that simple test, I would not attempt to be in charge of saving someone from a fire.

Ok I am not really sure how to say it, but there is a huge firefighter on a local department.  He is huge.  He’s like 56-60 inches around.  He’s easily 350 pounds and not the linebacker NFL type.  He is absolutely huge.  He can’t get out of a recliner without getting winded.  He is a documented paramedic.  That is the only reason I can see someone hiring him.  This man is skipping a physical fitness test, because he says that he has a foot problem and that only losing weight will help.  YOU have known about this for a year and were told by the chiefs that you’d be fired if you couldn’t pass this test.  You can’t pass it, quit putting your community in danger.  YOUR fat ass cannot save anyone from anything, you get winded getting into and out of the truck.

Thank God I am moving.  Maybe the new fire department that covers my area will have healthy and capable staff.

Not the blog I wanted to break my ten days off from blogging with, but must start somewhere.

Life is much better, another blog another time and I will explain the improvements and update the world of how things are going.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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