It is still raining and looking crappy out here.  It is typical Colorado though.  Two days ago we had 90 degree weather and had to use some sunblock.  Yesterday we had 55 mph winds and colder temps.  Today we had snow freeing rain and near freezing temps.  What will tomorrow have in store?  No one knows.

It feels like forever since I posted anything on this blog, not that many read it, but I have a few things to get caught up on.  Work has been work.  I really haven’t done much exciting in EMS over the last few shifts.  I did manage to teach a protocol review for the firefighters.  It was mostly a keep this burned out paramedic happy course.  It covered the basics like “do you bleeping job” and “Not everyone needs to go in an ambulance.”  The class was actually popular, they have asked me to do more common sense crap, like a 12 lead class and an airway review.  Just what I need, to be a good enough person that they went to keep me around for some reason, only now realizing that I am planning on moving out of state.

Speaking of Vegas and moving, I have now planned out my recruiting visit and the days surrounding the actual tests.  My Best friend is heading out their with me and we plan on pretty much spending very little money and trying to just get away and have some fun.  The plan is for nearly five days in Vegas.  Day one will pretty much be get out of airport and head to father in laws house to crash.  Day two will be catching up with father and law and preparing for the interview and testing process.  Day three is interview and test day.  The third night is planned to go to fremont street and check out the cheap casinos and cheesy overhead light show.  Day four is planned to visit Gold and Silver Pawn, yes the touristy Pawn Stars place on the strip.  We also want to check out a comedy club.  We will probably check out tickets4tonight the discount show ticket place.  Day five will be check out of hotel find cheap penny slots and wait to come home.  This whole plan minus the interview and test could be changed if I hit the big one, or excel at craps or blackjack.

Reality strikes and I am back to being the broke guy who is still fighting with the State of Florida to return my intercepted federal tax refund.  I am also the guy who is trying to scrape together enough money to even gamble a little bit at the penny slots in vegas.  Ugh reality sucks.

I am truly excited about this chance to move, but of course recent events at work do remind me that I am good paramedic and pretty darn knowledgable about the field of prehospital medicine.  Ok losing focus, I am tired, but yes I am excited.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day.  I really have no grand plans, I simply need to do some laundry, cash a check, and confirm some trades and an extra vacation day.  Beyond that I may cook some stuff, like cinnamon rolls and yogurt muffins.  I want to take Torio to school and try to let wifey sleep in.  But who knows, no plans that are solid.

Guess I should check in on my list of things I wanted to do in 2012.

“Go to a soccer field”  I went and watched my oldest step daughter play soccer last weekend.  She actually did really well.  She has some potential and she seems to enjoy it.  She needs to work a little harder to survive at the high school level, but unless Vegas is tremendously worse at soccer, she will need to work pretty hard just to make a team.  I want to encourage her to do this, so hopefully we can set aside some time and money and allow her to expand her potential into ability.

“Drink a true Tuaca Bomb” Yup alcohol has really lost its taste.  I really don’t crave it, it hasn’t really met any of my desires.  Great I am growing older.

Oh “make homemade muffins.”  I actually intend on doing this tomorrow morning.  I have an idea. hopefully I can report that they turned out great.

OK so as of right now, I am about 14 items ahead of schedule on the list.  Vegas trip will help with many I’m expecting 20 things in that 5 day period. So it will be a matter of actually keeping track.

I am tired enough right now that I will probably head to bed soon.  I did get a nap, but the eyes are heavy, and I really plan on being motivated without plans for tomorrow.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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