So the other day, I said that I didn’t even feel sore from p90x.  Uh just wait a day or two then try to do the next arm workout.  I can barely type right now.  MY chest, arms, shoulders, pecks, abdomen, forearms, triceps and biceps all freaking hurt.  If pain = gain, i’ll be buff by tomorrow morning.

Today was a rough day at my house.  I cleaned and watched kids, I worked out and in general accomplished nothing.  I tried to let Dy do her stuff today.  I did get to play outside with Jack and Tori, so that was kind of nice.  I managed to clean the kitchen and part of the front room.  Cleaning the front room was mainly so I could work out without tripping on blocks or toys.

I am unfortunately not really tired right now.  I did get to sleep soundly for hours this morning.  I guess my body needed it.  Although my contacts are burning a bit right now, but that’s probably from dehydration.  Speaking of dehydration, it is time to take my anti-hypertension medication.  I love being a thirty something.

Tomorrow some of us are heading to the therapist.  We get to discuss my issues of obsessive compulsive disorder and try to find a compromise with miserable step child who won’t follow any rules or clean anything even if she messes it up.  RANT over.  But to say I am not too thrilled is enough.  What are they going to say.  I am partially at fault.  Sure I want a cleaner house.  Sure, I want some help cleaning it, Sure I realize there are toddlers and teens and in-betweens.  Sure I realize there are only 24 hours in a day, Sure I realize that the female in-between is still not adjusting to living in a house with rules and expectations.  Sure I realize that rambling on about it will not accomplish anything.  Well nothing else worked, so let’s see a therapist and hope she can find a compromise.

I am willing to compromise, I already have, I have given everything.  Well I am sick of it.  I will clean, I will keep it clean, I will work out everyday I am home, I will not ask anybody to do anything any more.  If it needs done, I will just do it.  Speaking of which, I will need to do some laundry tomorrow.

I am heading to Vegas in like 18 days.  I will have very little money, I will not be able to afford shit, so I will have to carefully waste time at table games and nickel slots to get free drinks.  I will have to find the $1 hotdog place and the $2 margarita’s.  Did I mention I am going for an interview?

Ok maybe I am more tired than I thought, I will probably try to get up and take Torio to school.  Tomorrow will be therapy, cleaning, and possibly pre-packing for Vegas.  I might as well start getting ready.  It appears that there is no reason I would not get the job, so I might as well get ready.

So off to bed I go, sore as hell, falsely tired, and very much worn out.  Funny thing is my headache that I awoke with is finally gone 10 hours later. Hope that stays away.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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