It has been a busy last few days.  I have completed the initial paperwork for a transfer to Las Vegas AMR.  The process has started and is looking pretty good.  It turns out that I needed to physically fill out paperwork at my operation.  Our HR rep was actually helpful and walked me through what he needed done and who to have do whatever.  I am just now hoping that he did his part.

I am simply waiting on the invitation to test.  Yes, it is not just walk in with AMR experience and get hired.  I actually have to take their tests, and do a physical agility thing.  I am not scared of these things at all.  It is not arrogance or anything, but a truly positive attitude that I can back up with actions.

It appears that I will hopefully be testing in mid april and possibly be starting in early or mid May, if all goes well.  Heck if they don’t like me, or in the unlikely event that they are just posting the positions to post them, I still have a full time job here.  I like my shift.  I like my current co-worker, and I have managed to stay out of trouble here.

It is now a Saturday afternoon and I am at the station sitting here waiting for an MLS game to start.  I am watching the games on MLS live on my iPhone.  The picture is smaller, but for whatever reason the streams are pretty choppy today.  I am interested in the Portland game.  Mainly for fantasy soccer.

Speaking of soccer, I am excited about the Rapids game tomorrow.  It is in New York, but I really think I can find it online, and hopefully watch an actual game this season.  I still miss having cable or a dish for TV, but I have realized that it is only for shows I truly want to see, and for sports, mostly footy.  The Walking Dead season is over.  I am 14 episodes behind on Breaking Bad, and without it on Netflix, the season four episodes will cost me some money, I do not have at the moment to purchase them on iTunes.

Oh thank goodness I have my phone and computer.  The firefighter actually turned on GOLF>  WTF.  Really? You point out that soccer is boring, but colorful dudes swinging a stick at a ball in a park trying to avoid sand is exciting.

Headphones and MLS live for me.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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