I am a few days behind, so no better day than today to get caught up.

March 8th.  it was a nice day with a slight wind.  I had gotten off work and made it home in one piece.  People were driving crazy that morning.  I am sure I was exhausted as well.

My only true goal for that day was to drive to the far off land of Lamar Colorado.  As a soccer referee I get to travel to exotic locations.  All kidding aside, the two hour drive out on the open plains was kind of relaxing.  The games were relatively boring.  Except a concussion and me doing a good deed.

During the varsity game, a young girl was squished in between two larger high school girls and was obviously fouled, she fell to the ground hitting her head.  She never went unconscious but had a definite head injury.  She was escorted over to the bench by the coach.  She just pretty well sat there, confused and looking  a little pale.

As soon as I could I went over to her and promised that I was no longer a ref, and that I work as a paramedic.  I asked if it was ok if I checked her out medically, she said yes.  My thoughts were that she had a mild concussion without LOC and that she would probably be fine for now and that no ambulance was necessary.  The coach trusted me, and I was pretty darn sure everything was going to be good, but recommended that she went to see a doctor very soon.  She obviously was not going to come back into this game.

Now going above and beyond my duty as a ref is one thing.  Going above and beyond as a paramedic is another.  The town of Lamar is a rural town, it does have an ambulance and EMS.  There are no paramedics there.  ALS is sketchy at best.  This thought crosses my mind.  This girl could have big problems, she like me has to make a two hour trip back to civilization. I gave the coach my cell phone number and the following instructions.

1. If she looks, feels, or acts differently in any way you make an immediate call to 911.

2. Your second call is to me.  I will meet you on the road and would probably beat the ambulance to your location.

I would have done anything to help them out.  Not just because this girls dad is a firefighter captain, but because I genuinely love what I do.

She made it home on the school bus without and problem, and as I was sitting down reading Torio some books for bed, I received a call from the fire captain thanking me for keeping an eye on his daughter and him expressing his appreciation for me being there as more than a ref.

I made a difference today.  Life is more important than soccer sometimes.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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