March 5th.  I accomplished one thing and found out that I could be waiting a month to actually go move any further towards my goal.  The longterm plan is in motion.  I made a call, had the stuff they wanted, and applied for a new position.  Well, not a new position.  More like a new place of employment.

Wow cryptic, sorry folks.  I applied for the job in Las Vegas.  I get to test possibly in early April.  Now just to inform the bosses that they will be getting a call from Las Vegas HR.  Trust me it is tough to think that I could be leaving my current operation, to be the new guy somewhere else.  I have devoted a decade to working here and surviving the place that is Pueblo.  Sad part is, I will only miss a few people, and if I move to Vegas, I may see them more often.  I am not tied here by social relationships.  I am not tied here by my job.  I am a paramedic with national certs and can travel almost anywhere to do my job.

Now the trick is to get out of here and move to Vegas.  I need to have all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted very soon.  Pueblo is essentially fully staffed.  This is a good thing.  Vegas implies that they are down medics.  Now if something crazy happens in the next few weeks, like Pueblo fires or loses a few medics, this transfer may be put on hold.  I actually need their permission to transfer.

No matter the history I have here, I am going to contact my bosses tomorrow morning.  They deserve to here from me that I am possibly transferring and that it shouldn’t be from a HR rep two states away.  They have employed me for a decade.  They deserve this heads up and a two week notice.

Wow it is getting real.  I am moving forward toward Las Vegas.  I remember driving into Las Vegas heading south into town and seeing a crapload of AMR ambulances parked off the freeway in what looked like their Headquarters.  That was four and half years ago.  I was on my way to get married.  Things have turned out well, but I never imagined in any way that I would be desiring employment in Sin City.  Strange how small little things stick out.  the White ambulances with blue lettering.  boxes not van type ambulance.  I look forward to Facebook updates, yes Vegas AMR has a Facebook page.

Oh yea, my list of stuff for 2012.

“Take a walk around the block”  Did it, with family in tow and a jogging stroller.  Not a big block, but exercise none the less.

More tomorrow as I am back to work.




About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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