I was exhausted when I made it home from work this morning. I slept til at least noon or so. I needed it.

It was just the four of us today and we all made it to lunch at Fazoli’s and had fast food italian for lunch. I ate too much, but I am glad that I did. I am sure I burned it off at the park. Two kids, a huge park and fabulous day. Not too hot and not too cold, plus no major winds.

It was a great day at the park. We were not in any big hurry and the kiddos had a blast. We even stopped for ice cream on the way home. Today was a fabulous day off. No work, no stress, no real big plans, and nothing to do with classes, EMS, work, or soccer.

“Slide down a slide” In having such a great time at the park, I managed to get another thing off my list. My non scheduled mental health day included playing on the slides with the kids. Jack took awhile to get used to it, but Torio is a pro and has mastered the art of flying down them.





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