Assessment and Treatment of Trauma part three


Nothing to talk about here, just medical legal.  Translate that into boring boring boring, it hasn’t changed since the dawn of EMS in the western world.  Blah blah blah.

This online module system is not worth the two hours of CE’s that we get.  OMG it feels like it has been 4-5 hours already.  The recert for this class better be like twenty minutes total.  This ten hour combined effort is already taking a toll on me. At least with the 8 hours of class, we will be up and doing things.

Ok back from a break, go to put the Torinado to sleep.  Calming part of my night.  She is so cute when she crashes out with me reading Dr. Suess.  I needed the little break.  The stress of this class, the stress of upcoming stuff, and the overall feeling of just needing to take a full day off from everything.  Life just got in the way.

Ok rant over.   Back to blogging the online mods of ATT.

Speaking of mass casualties, haha, laughing out loud.  That is the next mod.  “do you have enough resources to cover this incident?”  Ok this is going to be fun. Out of options for dealing with youngest step kid.  The rest are doing fine.  Sad part is I am glad I get to go to work tomorrow.  I couldn’t spend another day dealing with her.  I admire my wife for dealing with it day in and day out.  Pretty sad that homelife is more stressful than work.  You think it should be the opposite.

Really rant over, back to MCI.  Triage Treatment Transport.  Yup first one in last one out.  ICS is a good thing, structure is good, rules and roles are good.  Know what you’re job is and do it.  Expect everyone else to do their job.

Black= dead or almost there.  Red need immediate care.  Yellow probably need help, Green lucky and doing well.

Fat obese easily injured firefighters or medics, that are injured or incapacitated during an MCI need to be taken away on the first transport out.  How about not having them there in the first place.  Rant over.

Trauma systems last module in the online section of the class.  Bad first slide, comparing trauma systems to chains > chain gangs> prisoners. Ugh wrong mindset to be taking any class or anything requiring good mental processes.

Oh just in case you care, we only have a level 2 and a level 3 trauma center here.  The nearest level 1 trauma center is about 2 hours away.  If things work out in Vegas, the nearest level 1 is right off the strip.

If I really get bored, I need to research revised trauma scores.  I have never really used them and they weren’t on any recent test, but it could be helpful in the future.

Oh crap I forgot there was a test on this stuff.  I guess I will finish that up and head off to sleep myself.  Ok that test was easy.  Now I sit back for a week and wait for the actual class to begin.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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