Assessment and Treatment of Trauma part two


I am going to continue to try to finish these online modules tonight.  That way I can focus on the Weapons of Mass Destruction Training that I need to do for my potential new job.  Maybe I can get that done tomorrow while at current job.

During the modules, they try to see if you are paying attention.  They are hiding little quizzes in the slide show.  If the final test is anything close to these questions, I will not have really learned anything new from this class.

Burn trauma is up first. I spoke too soon.  I might have just learned something else.  100% mortality rate for radiation exposure if subject vomits rapidly after exposure. If it takes hours and days, the chance of death is less. Oh my goodness they actually mentioned the Parkland formula.  Wow, yea, unless your transport time is very long, this is irrelevant.

Moving on to environmental trauma.  What does this have in store for me?  Oh nothing really new, but all I can think of is heat stroke and me wanting to head to the desert to work.

I know I am asking too much, but can we ever get someone exciting to do the voice overs for classes like this.   I mean Sean Connery talking about burn patients.  and Al Pacino teaching trauma.  How about it? Oh better yet Mike Rowe needs to do the voice over for this class.

Special Populations.  Prego, kids, and geriatrics.  Yippee.  PAT ugh PAT this PAT that.  I have heard this acronym way to many times lately.  Ugh. I hate the geometry of medicine.  Triangle this, square that.

Oh completely off topic, but medics and emt’s should never ever wear a jacket or shirt that identifies them as “Ambulance”  WE are not ambulances.  We are human beings.

Oh and just in case you didn’t know, obese people are seven times more likely to die in trauma.  They may be harder to kidnap, but they die easier.

OK three more modules, but time for a break again.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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  1. Dy-Anne! says:

    Good thing some fat people bounce.

    Also Nuclear Medicine Guy said the worst thing that could happen is to vomit after taking I-121. I guess death is what he meant?

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