Assessment and Treatment of Trauma

I am taking this course for a few reasons one of which is that it was free for me.  I literally mean I didn’t have to pay a penny.  I am going in place of someone from a little small town that couldn’t go.  My primary employer would never pay this, at least not for me. I helped the primary instructor of this course once with precepting a national registry EMT practical.  He is a great person, and through one phone call just to find out when the next class was, I was signed up and ready to go.

The class itself is new to me.  I literally have no clue.  I have had both ITLS and PHTLS in the past.  I have heard that it is quite like those classes, but better scenario and hands on stuff.

This version of the class requires a online component.  It simply eliminates many of the boring lectures that you would have to sit through.  Instead you get to sit through them at home, and work on your blog, while the dud drones on and on about trauma crap you already know.  I really haven’t learned anything yet, through the first few modules.

There was a mechanics of trauma module.  Not much new there.  There was a a patient assessment module.  Yup it is becoming apparent that trauma hasn’t changed much.  At least I can do this thing at my own pace.  Well maybe not so much at my own pace.  12 online modules in 7 days. It just needs to be done before the actual classroom portion.

The shock and fluid resuscitation was cool as it actually pointed out that fluid overload is bad in most non shock traumas.  It was clear in saying that crystolloid fluids are not going to do the job.  I liked this.  It is no longer fluids, fluids, fluids.

I almost fell asleep during the module on head and neck trauma.  I barely functioned through the torso section.  Up next is musculoskeletal and extremity trauma.  Bring on the pics.  Ok not even any real “cool pics”  Trauma has not really changed. Ugh at least I will be taking the physical class with some people that I know.

OMG they keep pronouncing things in a weird way.  I find it completely annoying. Ugh we use medical terminology to effectively communicate.  It is distracting to me when this happens.  Use google or something if you are not sure how to pronounce a word.

In watching these presentations I just learned a new nemonic device for remembering hip dislocations and hip fractures.  I have now made it halfway through the online modules and must take a break.  It is very important that I take this break.  Mostly because dinner is almost ready.


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I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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