Yesterday was awesome. I finished a test for national registry.  I walked in the snow to a strange library.  I got to have a late lunch at Red Robin.  I love the Bonsai burger.  We went to a mall.  I didn’t really spend much.  As a couple we did manage to get hauled into a Tea shop.  Long story short, tea is expensive.  It better be worth it.  The trip home from Denver was uneventful.  Nothing peaked my interest at the Adidas store in Castlerock.  Super Target was a good stop and we made it out of there relatively cheap.

I slept like a rock.  Pretty sure I didn’t even move, quite sure I did not wake up at all.  10 hours of non stop sleep was very refreshing.  I needed it.

February is over, all my major tests are out of the way.  A lot of stress is off my shoulders, but for how long.  I go back to work tomorrow.  That is not stressful.  I have started the actual work of getting the transfer.  It appears that I will need to go out to interview and test.  So  a little stress of just waiting for that to happen.  Not so much stress from the tests, but stress about when it will happen.  The next month could be boring or busy depending upon how quickly I want stuff to happen.  It also depends on how fast the possible new employer wants things to happen.  My current PTO (vacation) balance is an issue, but who knows, I have worked out things on a crazier schedule before.

I am sitting at home today, with no real big plans. I am now just waiting on emails and phone calls.  I have thought about cleaning up the house.  Which is usually what I do when I need something to do, but today I am just not feeling it.  So maybe I will, maybe I will not.

I have done a few more things on my list.  “Contact NREMT” simply put my national registry is caught up and current.

“Go without TV for 24 hours”  This was not intentional, but yesterday precluded the normal hours of “one eyed monster watching.”  I figure that I might try to make it 48 hours.  Not sure, we will see.

“sex for feb”  yup it happened.

Ok so not so many, but that is ok.  I have the whole afternoon with no real big plans and the evening has even fewer things.  So at my own pace, I may or may not do anything today.  A deserved day off, at least in my opinion.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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  1. Dy-Anne! says:

    I think it’s ridiculous you are announcing you had sex in February. As if you don’t normally have it once a month? You’re not a single guy. I’m pretty sure the assumption is you get some since you’re married. /rant

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