It is much later in the day.  I feel way less stressed.  Heck I am sorry if I blew my lid earlier. I have managed to accomplish a few things since earlier.  We went to the store, we made it to the library before it closed.  We had a great dinner.  I breaded and fried some pork chop type things.  They kids are in bed, the older ones are gone.

I have done what I can as far as assigning officials to soccer games.  I didn’t want that job this spring, but by default I did so well at it that no one else wanted the job.   I take the schedules from ten or eleven local schools, I assign officials to each of those games and pray that nothing changes throughout the season.  Well the games haven’t even started and four schools have made changes.  Fortunately at this point I really haven’t assigned any games to anyone.  That will probably happen on Sunday while I am at work.  So if I needed more stress in my life, this is probably it.

As far as work goes, I passed on some overtime tonight, and have no real plans of taking any (if offered) tomorrow during the day.  Now if a night shift opens up and it’s with someone I can work with, I will be the first to try and get it.  I probably need to get four or five extra shifts a month to cover our bills.  My mental state will be delusional by all the extra work, but my billfold might have some padding.  I really need to save up and have money available to book flights or drive to seek the new employment I am so looking forward to.

As far as the list goes, because that is what this blog was about,

“Read four books”  I picked up the third in the Hunger games series from the library today.  That will be finished no later than Sunday. So getting closer.

Yup nothing else off the list.  Tomorrow may be a productive day.  I plan to do some searching, packing, cleaning and eating.  Who knows.  Tomorrow could just be another lazy day of sitting around waiting for some unknown relative dying and leaving me thousands of dollars if not more.  Ok getting delusional, maybe more tired than I thought.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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