I really dislike mondays, they usually don’t matter, but today is the first day in quite  awhile that it feels like a monday.  I had a test sunday, I had a class friday.  I have another upcoming class, and I am now desperate for a trade or coverage.  I was going to use Dan, but he quit AMR and went to PWFD.  Yippee.  There is no immediate way to know if someone is willing to trade, because as of today the schedule is not out for part timers for March.

I will have to work on that.  I also accomplished nothing of real importance to our move today.  Monday’s really suck.  Mondays that are holidays just complicate things.  I need to contact NREMT and fax them some stuff.  I need to schedule yet another hoop to jump through.  The final step is two steps away, and that is actually heading to Vegas to test and see if they truly want me.  I don’t see why they won’t Ive got almost every cert available to man kind in the EMS field.  I can turn on the charm and be personable to get what I want.  I want the move.

Our company is going to experience some competition.  Not exactly sure how much competition we will be facing, but I am not sure how it is going to work out.  I don’t necessarily want to stick around to find out.  The Fire department I am stationed at is changing as well, they are no where close to transporting, but that is their goal.  To be honest, they will end up killing someone.  There are a few medics on their staff, but I honestly would never want any of them except Wade to work on me.  Not a good sign, and by their recent hiring, it is evident that they can scrape down deep in the barrel.

Long rant, and most of the PWFD hate today was that they have an ambulance and it responds with us (Private ambulance) to every 911 call.  This is ok I guess, but I hate having to explain why we have two ambulances at every call.  Ok tangential much?  Focus, the problem today stems from them manning an ambulance with two BLS EMT B’s, I have nothing against BLS providers, but the problem in this case is that they left the two ALS providers at the station to man a fire truck.  Slightly stupid, mostly asinine. Clueless and lacking focus, another prime example of your tax dollars at use.  Screw it, these retards have a huge half million dollar truck, that has seen maybe 6 real fires in 12 months.  New rant coming up in 5, 4 3, 2, 1

My company has decided to give us the old POS ambulance, 11 years old, bouncy, loud, and barely functions.  Great way to impress the customers.  OK if they truly need an ambulance they won’t care, but if you take a fractured hip on these roads with the beast that is our assigned ambulance, trust me the patient will let you know it sucks.  We don’t carry enough morphine and fentanyl to help with the aches and pains of driving that beast while attempting to comfort a patient.  AS EMS people we should never have to apologize for the ride itself.  I’d complain like crazy if I had to be transported in it.  RANT OVER

Moving on, that and I need to thing about heading to bed.  I want to be functional tomorrow.  I have at least the day with just the little ones and the wifey.  Torio is going to preschool, so maybe Jack, Dy and I can do something.

The list, the fabulous list of 365 things.

“read four books”  I am at 3 so, closer to this goal.  I finished the second in a trilogy of the Hunger Games.  I am being a good little boy and trying to wait to read the third installment, but I would just love to buy the third on my way home.  I’ll probably be too tired to think that way in the morning, but I’ll think about our budget and remind myself that I need other stuff, and that book is just a want.  I blame iTunes and Netflix.  The instant world we live in has ruined the waiting game.  I want it and I want it right now.

“Go without TV for 24 hours”  OK This is going to be hard to do, I mean does iTunes downloaded episodes actually count as tv if I watch them on my computer.  Rhetorical, yes it will be truly hard to finish this goal.  Maybe when I am driving to Vegas or something.

Zero for two, maybe I didn’t do anything off the list.

“Go to a new bar and have a drink”  OK Old Chicago, is damn close to a bar, and I did have a drink.  That maybe the only thing I did off the list.  I had two Jack and Cokes. Real original I know.  The double decker pepperoni was a great pizza.  But not fabulous.    The drinks were great after the test.  Thank God alcohol can relax the body and soul a little bit.

“Eat ice cream”  Nothing fabulous here, but I had cookie dough ice cream.  Absolutely nothing fabulous. Small container shared with wifey.

“Try a new restaurant”  I guess Old chicago can count for this as well.  I went to the one in Aurora after my test with some local fire dude.  I had grander plans, but accomplishing checks more off the list.

“Watch “the Walking Dead” second season”  I love this show.  I am caught up and know there are possibly four more episodes to watch this season.  I’ll be happy with three for the iTunes price I paid.

Ok a few things done, a few rants released, and off to the inter webs this thing goes.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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