It has been two days since I last posted.  I have finished the refresher class and now sit at home waiting until tomorrow morning.  I will take off to head two hours north, for hopefully the last time till March.  I have this practical test thing to knock out.  It shouldn’t be a problem and I should be relatively relaxed.

I still haven’t done any real EMS in a almost a week.  So no real cool stories and the finale of the refresher class was un eventful. I got a new cert, that probably doesn’t mean much.  PEPP, pediatric something or other.

If you are reading my blog for EMS related stuff stop here.  If you continue let me warn you I will first blog about the things I may have accomplished off the list.  The list of 365 stupid things I have done and will do this year.   The end of today’s blog will be about the utter frustrations of my step kids and how disrespectful they are, and how I am not handling it well.

So without further useless rambling, lets see if I accomplished anything on the list.  I will soon start getting to the point of having to actually think about things on my list.  Some of them will have deadlines, and for others I will just have to start doing them.

“visit a museum”  I was hoping this would be a cooler experience. Today we ventured off to the children’s museum here in Pueblo.  It is not an expensive venture, or a far trip, but it is small compared to what I actually had planned for this checkmark on the list.  The younger kids had a blast, I ignored the olders.  Jack painted, Tori painted.

“Paint a painting”  Another thing I am bending the true idea of.  I painted a small watercolor of a tree today at the children’s museum.  I once again did not believe that this was the painting I would paint, but it will have to do.  There are way to many other things on the list.

That appears to be it for the list.

Onto the step kids and my ability to not handle this situation well.  The oldest is 13 and a thief and a liar.  She stole stuff, lied about it, and blamed the almost three year old.  No need for further details.  I don’t trust her and she better not touch my stuff or money.

The oldest boy is just plain clueless, he borrowed a book, might I say without asking.  Not wanting to rip his head off, I gave him a chance.  He asked if he could take it to his real dad’s house, I said NO and explained that I want it returned and I believed it wouldn’t make it back.  Needless to say the clueless kid deliberately disobeyed and took it anyway.  So I took my book back today and have no immediate intentions of giving it back.

The youngest is just a fn diva, screaming yelling loud as fuck, constantly ignores the rules of the house.  There are quite a few but the ones that I emphasize are simple.  Don’t mess with other people’s stuff, clean up after yourself, and don’t get in the way of a soccer game.  There are other common sense things that they are just asinine about.  Honesty, cheating, stealing, hitting, murder, and in general being a bitch.

I really don’t know how to handle it anymore.  It is more stressful than a pediatric cor-zero.  It is more stressful than PK’s in a knockout game.  dealing with their constant run of disrespect has literally pushed my buttons.  I can’t and don’t want to deal with it at all.  I may just be venting tonight, but this problem is not resolving on it’s own.

I secure my stuff or will secure it.  I will not let them borrow my stuff.  I will strictly enforce the two important rules, and finally I will not deal with their crap.  This is MY HOUSE, I pay the bills, I provide the shelter, and I really don’t ask an incredible amount of them.  Do your chores, follow the rules, and stay out of trouble.

Ok and now my wife will read this. I am sorry, but if it isn’t plainly obvious, the older kids are driving me insane.  It may just be a temporary thing, and I may just be blowing off steam, but they are not helping at all.  I am as clueless as you are.  It is literally insane to keep trying the same stuff over and over.  I just don’t even want to try anymore, BUT FOR YOU I WILL> I PROMISE>

I know they are part of the package.  I know they have their real dad as an excuse, well too bad, there are rules in our house.  They need to start following them. We need to figure something out.


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I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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