I haven’t worked since I last blogged, so nothing truly exciting in the field of EMS.  I am getting a new cert.  PEPP it is some pediatric thing that I had not heard of.  It is not as intensive as PALS, but it is something different.  If I can work a trade, I am also taking a ATT class which will be a trauma class.  So yup I am being educated.

So the last couple of days haven’t been a ton of fun either.  I am exhausted.  Ive been to Denver, I am going to Denver, I am going to Denver once again.  I cannot wait until Monday, I will know more things and I will not be driving 250 miles round trip.  Ugh.

I cannot really focus today and this will be random, I actually have a little homework to do.  I can only do half of it due to the website problem.  I am hoping to knock it out and just get through tomorrow.

Let me cut to the chase and move on to other things tonight.

“Quit smoking in the car for a month”  along with “Quit smoking for a month”  I have accomplished this and am feeling good about it.  The simple smell of smoke is disgusting and at this point I am doing just fine on the meds and not smoking.

“go to walgreens”  Not my first visit, but I went just on wednesday.  Boring trip a few drinks and half price valentines candy.  Decent haul for 6 bucks.  I really don’t expect any excitement from a trip there.

That is it for the list.  I really haven’t accomplished much.  I have been focusing on the refresher and getting it and the driving done.

I haven’t had the chance to even remotely do anything having to do with soccer, or footy.  I miss it, the rumors, the talk, the action, but I really can’t even try it right now.  So twitter and Facebook posts are scarce.  I am lucky the website was down otherwise I may not have posted on here tonight.

OK going to bed soon,  as I feel like crap.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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  1. Dy-Anne says:

    I’m Sure your wifey keeps you updated on soccer stuff 😀

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