It has been three days since my last post.  I feel like I have accomplished something, but not really.  If I last posted on Thursday night, I have been to Denver, back to work and had most of today free.

Friday’s drive to Denver was uneventful, I actually arrived early enough to read some of my current book.  It is not like a refresher class was really going to teach me anything new about airway and respiratory diseases.  I did not study ahead of time.  I knew that would be the case.

The class itself wasn’t bad, of course we had the typical fat enthusiastic instructor who tried to engage us all.  He didn’t do that bad, but being that I have more options than most, the class seemed quite boring.  I hate to brag, but once again it is evident that RSI CRIC CPAP and Capnography are cool toys that not everyone has.  I’ve been doing these for quite awhile and even teach some of the classes myself.  Ugh

The drive home was truly boring, I forgot to download new spanish lessons, so I spent time listening to talk radio and the Denverites bitching about Extra large lighted signs on the local throw ball stadium.   Once I was closer to home, it was just an effort to stay awake.

It was a very quick turnaround to Saturday at work.  The morning was fine and the citizens behaved themselves.  After a few close calls and a few MVC’s it was trending toward being a busy day.  Things settled down and became tolerable.  I managed to read a little more and tried to rest, but as typical at the station, sleep is  at a premium.  The most exciting thing we did all day was treat a hypertensive patient for his nose bleed, the rest were simple transfers and one patient who was literally full of crap.

Coming home from work was stressful, I truly expected to spend all day cleaning the house.  It is the typical Sunday thing, vacuum, clean, wipe down and straighten stuff out.  Sunday is usually stressful especially when I am tired.  I really dislike messes, and my idea of clean isn’t perfect, but I let my ideas get ahead of reality sometimes.  I understand we have a grip of kids at the house and that many of them are not the cleanest little things.

With all of that said, I was completely relieved upon opening the front door.  THE HOUSE WAS CLEAN.  I mean it, it was more than I could have ever expected.  I am sure the wife did most of the work, but damn it was great.  It was if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  Rather than spending the morning forcing belligerent kids to clean their rooms, I got to sleep.  In waking up at noon, I was refreshed and excited.

So after the day of cleaning, and I imagine spending most of the night finishing it up, Dy thought I’d just want to sit around and be lazy, as I have been going non stop for 8 days.  The problem was I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t stressed, and I wanted to go somewhere.  So I grabbed the two youngest and headed off to Walmart.  I was going for three things and managed to get all of them and even passed up on a splurge gift that I want and is part of completing my list.

I behaved at the store, the kids were great and now I sit back and take advantage of the fact that I really don’t need to do anything else today.  This is not true of course but the demands for the rest of the night are just typical stuff.  I need to shave, I need to gather class stuff, I need to get clothes together.  I need to fix dinner and let the wifey rest, which she is doing now with Jack.

I have realized that I am writing huge posts and today tried to make it more readable. I am not a good writer, and obviously practice will help, but now it appears I have a couple of followers, so hopefully I do not bore them to death.

As far as my 365 list, lets see what I accomplished.  Lets just make this post a whole chapter for the hell of it and look forward to what I plan as well as accomplished since I last wrote.

I am closer to accomplishing “pack lunch for a week.”  With my trip to walmart, I should not need to stop and eat out this week.

“Read two books”  This I finished last night at work.  It seems cheesy, but I finished the Hunger Games.  It is part of a trilogy meant for young adults and is being turned into a movie.  I had to go buy the second book today as it was not available at the library and of course it was a hardcover, so I spent like 13 bucks on it.  This is usually above my price point, but if I read it and Dy reads it and Cai (the step boy) are interested, then I can justify it.  Dy has other books, but hopefully since I own the first two in the series, she will check them out as well.

“Buy a plant”  I almost did this today, but Dy has pointed out that I am not really planning on being here much longer and that she would probably not be able to keep a plant alive.  So I think I will just order some seeds (Cheap of course) and give it a shot without having to buy a 20 or thirty dollar houseplant.  For whatever reason, I am interested in Bonsai trees, can’t explain why or how, but that is something I want.  It would be very awesome if I could grow one from seeds and be patient enough for it.

Oh I thought I knocked it off the list, but I visited IKEA and ate at the Restaurant.  Nothing special, but meatballs at a furniture and home store is just weird enough to be considered cool.

Well that’s about it for today.  If you made it this far in my post, congrats you probably wasted ten minutes.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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