Well let us see what I have done since I last blogged.  We obviously got the tax refund at some point.  I have gone to class in Denver, and probably some stuff off the list.  I did get to spend the day with Jack and we had a blast we hit up some of my favorite stores and in general gave Dy a chance to work on some invitations and paintings.

I spent more today than I wanted too, but got some good stuff.  I got the all important air pump.  I need that to inflate the jogging stroller wheels.   I also need it to inflate my bike tires and possibly some of the kids bike tires.  It is on my list that I ride the bike, maintenance the bike and such.  I spent a pretty penny on that bike and I have maybe used it three or four times.  That has to change when the weather warms up.

So after hamburger helper for dinner, I sit at the table and we both are working on the budget.  The kids don’t have school tomorrow, but I do so I will not be staying up late. As I am waiting for the final numbers and a chance to sync my app.  We have our budget on this cool thing. We are taking a break I guess because we may be off by about a thousand dollars.  Of court this is not in a positive way.  Guess I will let it get sorted out and be careful with what little money I know I have right now.

Time to update the list of things.  That might help keep me awake, it is already hitting me that I need to get to sleep sometime before 10PM.  I guess it would be best to get a good nights sleep before I need to spend 2 hours on the road and then all day doing airway crap for refresher crap.  At least I will get some spanish learning in.

Checking the list I knocked out two lessons of Spanish.  I really have nothing else to do on the road, so listening to pimsluers spanish is a good idea.  I also started book number 2.  I have been dying to read about the hunger games.  So I broke down and bought the paperback.  I will try to read this by the end of the week.  I know it is already Thursday night.  So much for reading, I actually spent 3.99 and bought a soccer supporters scarf from 2007.

OK going to finish going through the list.  I am sure I did some other things, but of course got distracted.

Pay a bill, it feels like this is the first time in months that we have paid a bill, but it very well might be.  I registered the cars today, 9 days late, we paid my credit card, we actually are doing pretty well with the budget.  Slightly less stressed.  We are going to get caught up on a bunch of stuff.  So for the first time in a long time that my paycheck can be used to possibly pay ahead this month.

Buy a plantain and find something to do with it.  Well I bought some plantains and I know exactly what I am going to do with them.  In a few days when they are completely ripe, I will fry them and hope they turn out well.  I have a few days to pick the recipe I want to use.

I changed a diaper , yes that was on the list, and of course I have changed more than just that one.  Today’s diaper change was special, it was in the Jack in Box parking lot.

Go to Ross, clothing for less place.  I bought Dy some soccer stuff.

OK so as far as real paramedicine, I haven’t done much lately yesterday was a day off.  I did spend it in a refresher class.  I have every intention of working on Saturday, so maybe some real EMS stuff.  Tomorrow in refresher class we are going to cover airway. This will be like the twentieth time in my career that we spend a majority of the day on airway.  I get it, it is important and all, but in cardiac arrest, they aren’t really caring about getting an airway as soon, Intubation is not that difficult, and difficult airways have other adjuncts.  I understand it is important, but unless they take and show me some new technology, this is going to just be a boring ass day.  I get to do all the fun stuff now, I have a cric waver, I am RSI certified, uh CPAP, uh capnography yea I got that too.

So it is now 20 minutes to ten, I am not going to bed at 10 obviously, but it needs to be quickly thereafter.





About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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