Somehow someway the state of Florida where my oldest kids are at says that I owe them 3400+ dollars in child support.  Now I live in Colorado and the state here takes the court ordered amount out of my account each payday, this should be a full proof system.  It apparently is not and now I will have most of my tax return offset to pay an artificial debt.

I am about to flip out.  I really think that this is out of control.  I work hard, I pay my amount owed each and every day pay.  Three thousand fucking dollars difference for child support, hell they should have suspended my license by now.  WTF.

OK I am still on hold twelve minutes later with florida.  Fuck fuck fuck,

OKk must focus on something else for a few, i could be on hold for awhile.  21 minutes of being on hold.

Now to focus on the list for a few minutes.

I have not smoked in three weeks.  Trust me the temptation is still there, it was really strong yesterday, but i suffered through it.  So I am getting stronger. This is good, I will keep going.

I kind of weighed myself, at least the doctors office weighed me.  I am not happy with how much I do weigh.  OK next on that list is to start losing some weight.

Go to an Adidas store.  I did this last night on my way home from class 1 of 6 way north of here. I can usually walk into this store and want to spend a hundred or so. I really didn’t find anything that I was truly in need or desired.  Weird, I think I actually have enough adidas stuff.  OK so yup I didn’t spend a penny

So yea, back to the list, sorry just an update 55 minutes total phone call to Florida Child support, no minutes used.  Skype on iPhone saved me a bundle since I was on the wifi.

Have a real donut.  yup did that this morning too.  Our favorite donut place was almost out of real donuts by the time the wife got there.  So we were stuck with the blueberry cake donuts.  Not my have but it hit the spot this morning.

Ok awkward one, but I took a leak in a new place yesterday.  North Suburban Medical Center.  It is where I am taking the refresher class.

Interupted again, my car is a nearly two months behind and I am starting to worry about a repo possibly happening.  Damn tax return, damn bills fuck.  Hey chase kiss my ass. I’ll make a payment soon.

It sounds like florida is going to possibly hold onto the offset money instead of shooting it directly to roberta.  They better, I don’t owe her an extra penny.

Take a shower, yea first one in a full day and a half.  Don’t get excited, I have taken plenty of showers since I started this list, but I figure since I haven’t blogged in a few days that I should have a few things accomplished.

Crap ola, I have like fifty things going on at once.  Manic phase, I guess.  but this lack of focus is killing me.  Fuck and Turrets (sp) kicking in, just want to blurt out and scream, plus a few little twitches here and there.

Oh and the local (25 miles away) army guys are shooting off big bombs and shaking the house.   The dog is barking like crazy, and I still can’t focus.

The list is getting smaller and if florida returns what is rightfully mine, I can accomplish ten things in one day and that is to save a thousand dollars.  I will probably go to walgreens today hopefully. Yet another presription, God i am getting old.

Well shit in looking over the list, I just figured that I could knock off another one, on Saturday i posted a pic onto Facebook.

Ok wifey came home for a few minutes, had to fill her in on what exactly I figured out about the child support.

I have a headache and feel cold again.  Ugh, this two weeks of class hell is going to get me.




About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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