After yesterday’s rampage, it has came to light that there is not  damn thing I can do today to solve that issue.  So in moving onto today, I pretty much slept in and now I am watching more episodes of Lie to Me.  I love this show.

I also made some homemade bread. Ok never mind the fucking teen done pissed me off again and she is not even here.

She thinks she rules the roost, well fuck that I am sick of wasting all of our gas money running her to and from friends houses every fucking weekend.

OK probably being irrational about it, but damn sick of it.  Ok moving on that rant over

I made home made bread did I mention that yet, it is awesome.  I love it.  Oh if you didn’t figure it out, we are off the Atkin’s diet.

now I open the excel type spreadsheet and find stuff that I have done.

Ok I am not sure how I missed it because I went out of my way to find it, I tried greek yogurt.  I had a strawberry one.  It was pretty tasty, it wasn’t any real special thing but it was I would say a little better than normal yogurt.

Wow that is really the only thing on the list that I have accomplished.  WOW I am truly shocked, but I have plans to finsih this episode and either to take down some christmas lights or walk around the block, possibly both.  So we will see what actual gets done.

Ok so I should blog more this evening and have maybe a couple more things off the list.

I am going to try to cook a ham as well.  Hopefully that all goes well.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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