Today started out with big hopes and dreams of being able to get caught up on bills.  But uncle Sam had a differing opinion.  I shouldn’t rely on anything in this world, especially the government.  Things are going downhill fast and we are about to be evicted from our home, our cars are about to get repoed and yea the power and heating to the house are about to be shut off.  Why?  Well lets see, the IRS can’t figure out when to send my refund, (originally Feb 1 now it’s by the 7th)  Anyway we tried not to count on it, but we absolutely need it now, if it is not here by monday or tuesday we are absolutely screwed.

Ok I will probably bitch some more on the topic.  There are two hold-ups, one, the IRS hasn’t released my money yet, and two the Florida child support division has a hold on my account, but no one will fucking answer, and the only person in colorado that can help me took a fucking snow day.  The state offices won’t help, they don’t have a clue, the florida people are already enjoying their weekend.

SO yea, im am fucking tired of the bullshit, the child support is taken out of my check every fucking pay period.  On time every fucking time.  My taxes are taken out every pay period on fucking time.  FUCK FUCK FUCK.  I hate the government, I wish my caseworker to get in a traffic accident and I’m the paramedic.  I pray that someday this all gets sorted out, trust me the thought has crossed my mind to just quit my job and live off the free government benefits that I could receive.

I am literally getting chest pain from this shit.  I don’t need the tax refund to live, I need it to get caught up.  I need the father of my step kids to pay what he should fucking pay, I need a fucking review of my child support.  I need to sell some shit, I need the wife to work more, I need some fucking help and no one is offering, not that they should.

Ok rant over for the moment.  Yes I still have internet.  Trust me I have no intentions of getting rid of that and worst case scenario, I’ll sell everything I own to live our current lifestyle, which is not extravagant in any fucking way.

Ok so the small little daily dose of antidepressants it not going to work today.  Drinking might bee a solution but I am stuck here in the house with a bunch of children and the wife has to fucking drag the teen around the hood for fucking parties and such. So yup rant was not over.

I cannot focus on anything right now.  Nothing is clear, i am pissed.

Crap my computer is about to die, gotta go grab the charger.

OK computer saved.

almost 500 words and nothing on the list.

Have an apple fritter.  Did that yesterday and in hindsight I shouldn’t have wasted the money.  I will be traveling to work, then denver the home without a single penny to spend except gas.  We don’t have enough food in the house, and I’ll be floating a check for the 275 for the class.  Life is grand

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy shit that makes me happy.

Scrape car windows, did that this morning.  All sorts of fun and if this move to vegas ever happens, I won’t have to worry about that being on  a list of to do’s anytime soon.

Backboard some one.  Well hell yup did that yesterday, it snowed and people are stupid, SUV 4×4 does not mean you have a fn clue, learn how to drive or stay off the road.

I just fucking made it through a really rough period without smoking a cigarette.

Ok so I still knocked out a couple of things on the list.

There are some things that are going to just wait till I move or get money.

I really want something to do, I can’t do p90x right now i have two weeks of hell coming up.  I can’t smoke, i don’t have the money and I will continue to be smoke free. Alcohol, maybe, we will see.

Just tried to take an extra shift at work.  Knowing my luck, I won’t get it, oh well.

Ok 750 word count roughly, guess my rant took of most of the space.   Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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