Burned food on stove.  I asked for a little help when cooking, didn’t get it, and the cast iron skillet I was frying potatoes on started smoking.  This is truly embarrassing because it was actually at the fire station.  I was cooking irish beef stew for the boys and it was close to being done.

Anyway I figured I would check in on my list, as it is time to go to bed, but I don’t expect that it will happen any time soon.  It is a friday night.  So I expect the call any time now.

Yea wow, I didn’t really accomplish anything since I last typed this.  I did start studying spanish again on my computer.  I am also through section 1 of my EMTP study book.   I am kind of tired, and have no real plans for tomorrow, but I plan on trying to hit the hay per say in just a few minutes.  I am not at all interested in the movie and I honestly think I am too lazy to get up and change the channel on the TV.  No one else is watching it, but who knows.

So yup I pretty much have a weekend with no real big plans, except the chance to maybe clean out some or all of the garage, and sunday is the normal cleaning day.  It is back to the atkins diet tomorrow. I really need to start working out as well.  I should try to find time to do that, but it may be difficult if we have a typical busy 911 night.

Ok so off to bed I go.  Oh yea and I need to copy the russian pimsluer short course onto a disk drive or something.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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