I guess this would have worked out a lot better for yesterday.  Ok I got a little confused, the list is huge.

Anyway.  We have decided to stop using our credit cards.  We did the cheesy thing of freezing them in a airtight bag submerged in water.  It is a deterrent I guess we will just pay them off. I really have no reason to use them right now anyway.  I think with the cards paid off, we could possibly start using them to for the move.  Especially if the move is a reimbursement type thing.

I interrupt this blog for a serious question.  DOES EVERY MUSICAL GUEST Lipsync THEIR MUSIC ON SNL? Seriously.  WTF

I am glad we are eliminating some debt and yes I need to improve my credit score, bring on the spam.

It has been a boring day at work.  Nothing truly exciting.  Unless you consider a chronic gravity fighter and a old lady who watched one too many gout medication commercials an exciting day.  I guess I better pack up and go to bed.  So if we are going to get a call right now, lets do it.  Come on 911, there is nothing worse than laying my head on the pillow and whammo, the call drops.  So lets do it.  Okay suckered into more SNL stupid skit about technology humping, actually laughed out loud.


Wasted blog sorry to any readers.  This is why I am not a professional writer. OK gotta try to go to sleep now.




About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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