Knocking yet another thing off the list, I drank a rum and coke.  Well actually it was a bacardi and pepsi, but damn close enough.  It was a relatively non productive day.  We did manage as the small family unit to survive a trip to the grocery store.  I can’t say it was the typical trip though.  We bought atkins diet food.  I know I need to lose weight and all, so guess this is a good start, I have had success with that program before.

Today however I am at work, and pretty freaking tired.  It does not seem to be going by fast enough.  I am tired.  I need a nap.  guessing that here in a few all the extra people will leave, and I can be part of occupy recliner for awhile.  I am just waiting for a text or call back.  I need to hear from Dan, a full time medic who may be able to do a couple of trades that will save me two vacation days.  Worst case scenario, I burn two days and 4 hours, but I will attend this refresher class thingy.

In a effort to make the process easier for all involved, it would just be simpler to take the days off that I need, and just have him come in a lil early on two different days.  But if the process goes well, I will need to take a few more days off in March.  Guess worst case scenario I have until the 18th of this month to get it figured out.  But I will submit my requests tomorrow morning no matter what.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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