Huh lets see, relatively productive day.  I guess.  The most important thing I did today was spend some time with my best friend.  He’s going through a really rough patch.  He was a full time firefighter.  It appears he will not be for more than a week.  He was injured about 15 months ago and was barely recovered.  He went to workman’s comp today and was told he will have about a 32% disability rating.  He broke both legs in a fall during training last year.  Colorado does not require his employer to retrain him.  He is pretty well screwed.  It seems he will not be able to lift more than 50 pounds, and if he followed his restrictions to the letter, he couldn’t even work for a telemarketing company.  This will quite possibly kill him.  I hope not, but he is a devoted EMTP and Firefighter.  He is an instructor, a teacher a friend.  He finds out for sure in a few days, but it appears that he will be out of a job by midweek.  Ugh.  When I move this year, he will be the one person I truly miss.  It’s a long shot, but I’ll keep hinting that he should move down there with us.

Ok now back to my list.  I went to the library.  It wasn’t a really great trip, I grabbed a couple of books, I just really want to focus on other things.  I got a book about de-cluttering.  It was truly spontaneous.  I got a book about a business start-up but it really seems just ten pages in to be something way over my pay grade.  There is an iPhone book about its fascination and its allure, but I love my phone, what else more do I need.  I placed “assholes finish first,” by Tucker Max on hold.  I might take a few days to get it, but right now it is the only book I am interested in.  I need to start studying some paramedic stuff.  I am pretty smart, and remember quite a bit, but I need to take a refresher and test to complete some things for my move.  Oh yea if I haven’t mentioned it yet, I plan to move to Vegas.  This move seems silly in a tough economy, but it is truly for family reasons.

I’ve obviously got friends here, but no real family.  The two kiddos, and wifey create a family reunion every night.  Well every night that I am home.  My friends are important, but it is a small group, maybe two or three, but mostly co-workers, I’ll have co workers in Vegas, so its just a new challenge to find the ones that I would fit in.

The wife went out on a girls night out with other moms from mom’s group.  I had a couple of drinks, gave my friend a sounding board, bathed and dressed the kiddos, brushed their teeth and got them both off to bed.  I am simply sitting down on the couch and typing away.  We bought an antenna for the tv.  Why we didn’t do this sooner, I have no idea.  We get all the major networks with a 15 dollar antenna.  We gave up cable years ago, and got rid of dish a while back.  We have been watching a lot of netflix, and iTunes.  Today we broke down and finally bought an antenna.  I honestly had doubts about it, but damn great picture and I had no idea that stepping back tech and throwing a fancy bunny ear set up would make live tv something cheaply accessible.  I also realized that our local fox station is pretty fn cheesy.

Ok I have rambled on for quite a bit.  Time to move onto another project.  I was going to start p90 x tonight and set up the cheap new dvd player tonight, but after those few drinks and already being tired from a 24 hour shift, I do not have the motivation or energy.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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