So today, I actually didn’t do much.  I went to work and read the newspaper.  Hence meeting a goal for today.  363 to go.  I read the monday edition of the Pueblo Chieftain.  It took a whopping ten minutes out of my day.  I really don’t remember much of it except the Broncos are in the playoffs.

Now newspapers, I am truly wondering what is the point anymore.  I read twitter ten or fifteen times a day, I have the internet.  The newspaper itself only serves one purpose, it kills a little bit of time.  Now you can argue that the local paper delivers local news.  Well yup twitter and Facebook do that as well.  You can say I can get ads for grocery stores.  Well I can find them online.  You can say the classifieds, there is craigslist, ebay and something called etsy.

Sports sections, who needs yesterday’s news?  Now the troubling part of all of this is that in 1989 I started into a journalism class.  In high school we produced a newspaper once every two weeks.  Talk about old news.  We used a old mac, and something called pagemaker.  I went to college and my intro to journalism was simple, the newspaper is dying the old man once said.  Turns out he is right.  I haven’t bought a newspaper in months, and when we do, it is for the wife.  She still likes the ads.

So one last thing, before I call it a night.  How did I ramble for 240 words at this point about newspapers.  I am not sure.  Hopefully future posts will be much more exciting, can’t wait for the day where I choose took a poop as the topic.



About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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