So yet again, I struggle with finding something to occupy my time.  So I am going to try this, this year.  Here is the list and you notice the first one is completing a list of 365 things.  What I plan to do is just babble on about which one of these 365 things I did that day.  Some of them are obvious and will be repeated hundreds of times this year, such as cleaning the kitchen.  With that being said, I need to go to bed, but here is the list.



complete list of 365 things
call workmans comp
call about new atm card
schedule refresher
schedule time off with dan and chris
contact NREMT
contact healthone about refresher
contact nremt test site
take change to bank
clean out locker
Clean garage
pack one box
pack 2 boxes
pack 3 boxes
pack 4 boxes
pack ten boxes
clean bedroom
clean master bath
set up dvd player
pack up boxes
clean out car
detail car
shampoo car
quit smoking in car for a day
quit smoking in car for a week
quit smoking in car for two weeks
quit smoking in car for a month
quit using credit cards
create no new monthly debt
quit smoking for a day
quit smoking for 2 days
quit smoking for a 3 day cycle
quit smoking for a week
quit smoking for 2 weeks
quit smoking for three weeks
quit smoking for a month
mail a postcard
buy motorcycle
start P90x
p90x for a week
p90x for 2 weeks
p90x for a month
p90x for 2 months
p90x for 90 days
pack a lunch for a day
pack a lunch for two shifts
pack a lunch for a week
soccer recert
take practice test
pass upgrade test
apply for upgrade
 sell paintball stuff
sell baseball stuff
sell guitar stuff
sell dvds
sell old computer
sell older computer
paint a painting
go to a hockey game
got to a baseball game
get a tattoo
find pimsluer spanish
study spanish for a month
go on a hike
visit a new state
stay over night in a new state
see a vegas show
go to the ocean
give up pop for a day
give up pop for a week
give up pop for two weeks
give up pop for a month
see a new mls stadium
get a passport
get a passport stamp
run a quarter mile
run a half mile
run 3/4 a mile
run 1 mile
run 1.5 miles
run 2 miles
run a 5 k
ASL start
ASL  for a week
ASL for a month
pick a martial art
start martial arts
get a belt in martial arts
make a map of visited states
buy a rubix cube
solve a rubix cube
buy a lotto ticket
play craps
play blackjack
play a slot machine
clean bike
maintainence the bike
ride the bike
ride the bike twice in a week
ride the bike to work
ride the bike back from work
ride bike to and from work twice
go to pikes peak
hike the incline
read a whole book
read two books
read four books
read 8 books
read 12 books
play a game of tennis
do a real pull up
do 2 real pull ups
do ten pull ups
do five pull ups
buy a plant
keep it alive for a month
keep plant alive for two months
go without tv for 24 hours
go without tv for 48 hours
make a quiche
make rootbeer again
get to 3000 tweets
get to 3333 tweets
make a you tube video
place  bet on sporting event
buy a scratch ticket
read a newspaper
get magazine
get a family photo
clean the kitchen
clean the front room
vacuum the stairs
clean the hallway
clean out the fridge
sell something on ebay
have a date night with wife
meet a new person
write s complaint letter
go 72 hours without spending a penny
get a bonsai tree
make root beer fudge stuff
buy a battery for scale
weigh self
lose five pounds
lose ten pounds
lose fifteen pounds
lose twenty pounds
lose twenty five pounds
get to 200 pounds
get to 195 pounds
get to 190 pounds
ride in a taxi
do ten pushups correctly
do twenty pushups correctly
pay a bill
Pay off a credit card
clean the tv
clean out closet
walk the dogs
walk the dogs a second time
walk the dogs a third time
walk the dogs once a week for a month
go to a new bar and have a drink
drink a glass of wine
do the dishes
make snickerdoodles
make a fancy grilled cheese sandwich
get out of bed
make crepes
eat a mango
buy a plantain and find something to do with it
try greek yogurt
clean a kitchen cabinet
take a walk around the block
buy wife flowers
deep clean the carpets
take down christmas lights
clean up pumpkins
drive to work a new way
eat a breakfast burrito
make green chili
make scrambled eggs
make french toast
make mac a cheese
eat ice cream
find a new ice cream flavor
try a new restaurant
go without eating out for a week
eat a salad
order a pizza
eat chinese
visit a zoo
visit a museum
see a shark
visit a relative or in law
go to an mls game
go to an away mls game
do an oil change
save 100 dollars
save 200 dollars
save three hundred dollars
save 400
save 500
save 600
save 700
save 800
save 900
save 1000
eat a pear
buy a papaya
go to in n out
go to a trader joes
eat again at elephant bar
go to an apple store
go to a mall
go to target
go to walmart
go to a library
go to a state park
go to a soccer field
referee a soccer game
referee a high school game
kick a soccer ball
play a video game
stay up til midnight
wear glasses for a day
eat a tuna fish sdandwich
eat lil smokies
make homemade ketchup
drink something with rootbeer snapps
make fondue
drink a rum and coke
drink a true tuaca bomb
slide down a slide
make rice krispie treats
bake a cake
bake a bundt cake
cook dinner at fire station
leave love note for wife
buy an anniversary gift
buy wifes birthday gift before nov 2
go bowling
go swimming
make homemade waffles
make muffins
make homemade pizza
take a picture
post a pic on facebook
find a glass blowing workshop for dy
find a cheese making class
take a cheese making class
eat at a a mom and pop joint
eat at an ihop
take the whole family out to dinner
watch a movie
wathc at a theater
make sweet tea
buy new boots
buy new shoes
buy new underwear
go to an adidas store
get gas in car
buy beef jerky
eat a twinkie
have an apple fritter
have a real donut
try coffee again
put in contacts
find glasses
make a pinata
visit a pawn shop
change oil in van
change clothes
take a poop
clean out the van
watch a new tv show
take a leak in a new place
hit a golf ball with a golf club
hit a golf ball with a baseball bat
change a diaper
take a shower
microwave something
put a photo into a frame
stash twenty bucks in car
stash twenty bucks in van
walk without crutches
clean out work mailbox
get the mail
mail something
send a package
visit ikea
eat at an ikea
visit california
see hoover dam again
go to a club
sharpen a knife
fit my bullet resistant vest again
charge my computer
charge my phone
buy shampoo
buy cologne
look through a telescope
use binoculars
clean n out under bed
buy a drink in vegas
buy a chocolate bar in a fancy place
drive an ambulance
download a new game
get cuaght up on breaking bad
watch walking dead new season
watch rest of white collar
watch a documentary
get a haircut
use nasal spray
trim beard
drink midori
make brownies
send wife to seattle
go to a wedding
shovel snow
scrape car windows
eat a steak
have dessert in a restaurant
buy a new soccer ball
sex jan
sex feb
sex mar
sec apri
sex may
sex june
sex july
sex aug
sex sept
sex oct
sex nov
sex december
wrap a gift
comment on facebook
smoke something food wise
bbq a whole dinner
saute something
find crunchy pediatrician in nv
register to vote
go to a fair
go to a library in a new state
go to walgreens
wear a tie
fingerpaint w tori
go to old navy
go to ross
buy an apple
find preschool in vegas
start an iv
do CPR
give a medication
backboard someone
give an als medication
work a street shift
drink with josh
have a corndog
fix last years FSA
double check HSA set up
start writing this into a book

Wow that is crappy I was hoping the spreadsheet would have looked cooler on the post, but oh well.  It is random and I will try to blog about at least one of them.  Not sure what I will blog about so wait and see.


About burnedoutmedic

I am a full time paramedic working in a 911 system. Vegas baby. A dry sense of humor, and no writing skills

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